I've been looking at some flanger pedals for a while and I've decided to get the Ibanez FL9 (sorry ehx). However, I noticed that the phase 90 is pretty popular, however I havn't gotten to plug into one yet.....

My question is what is the difference (if any) between a phaser and flanger?
from the short demo clip I heard on musicians friend it sounds like I would be able to get that effect from a flange.....

thanks in advance
ye i reckon go with a flanger, it gives u a bigger variety of sounds.

i was deciding between the small stone phaser and the electric mistress flanger and i decided to go with the electric mistress.
Yes, flangers have more depth, but they are completely different effects. Just listen to more sound clips. The flanger will always sound heavier, while the phaser can be heavy or very subtle.

Flangers are more fun to experiment with and you can get tons of sounds from them. But, if you do get a flanger, still consider getting a phaser later. The MXR Phase 90 is an amazing pedal, I own the MXR EVH Phase 90 myself, and I use it a lot, probably too much.
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A flanger uses the same principle as a chorus but employs a shorter delay time and adds regeneration (repeats) to the modulating delay. This results in an exaggerated up and down sweeping motion to the effect.

A phaser splits the incoming signal, and changes the phasing of the signal. The signal is taken in and out of phase and mixed back in with the original signal. As the phasing changes, different frequencies get cancelled resulting in a warm sort of twisting sound.

That's all I could come up with .

phasers sound kinda warbling and underwatery. flangers are more wooshing and can sound like a jet flying overhead. at some settings they can sound similar, but overall i wouldnt say they do much of the same thing. if you like the fl-9, then great! grab that one first. then you can worry about the phaser later if you want.

but tell me how you like the fl-9, ive been interested in it for a while now. im kinda addicted to ibanez pedals so i want to try that one out.
cool thanks for the help guys, I think that I will end up sticking with the FL 9, ill post a review of it when I get one
I go to japan for business quite a bit and anything by boss or ibanez is alot cheaper over there (since its made there....)
Thanks, I've been wondering the same thing. After I read this thread, I went out and bought the Wylde Phase 90, because I don't really dig the jet plane sounds.
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