Im constantly torn between the better tones of the 2 guitars seperately and not having to pick up a different guitar all the time. Is there anything that can get tele and les paul style tones better than a custom 24 or Carvin equivilant?
The PRS bridges the gap better than any other guitar I've ever played- unfortunately, if you want real tele and LP tones you won't get any closer. I'd go for the two- you'll get used to switching, plus it's always good to have a backup.
Well the custom 24 is a great guitar but if you want the authentic LP and Tele tones than go for an LP and Tele. However if you want something to use live and get as close as possible without switching get the PRS.
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Go for the PRS. I own both a PRS Custom 24 and LP Custom and I love my PRS more when it comes to tone. It has much more versatility in one guitar--plus it feels the best to play. Thin neck--thick tone...

Only problem I think PRS should have eventually evolutionized is the 5 way rotary selector. It's a cool system but I feel like I always have to "think" about where to throw the toggle when trying to acheive the sound I want...whereas the LP and Tele have a very easy to access toggle.

Again, in my opinion, the PRS rocks it more than the other 2.

You'll make the right decision