see title. Basically, its an ibanez iceman. Now if you dont know, these are huge guitars. I heard that ibanez made some kind of special case that was the right size or something. If so, how and where can I get one? If not, what should I do?
Tried emailing/phoning the company?

Well in any case, if you don't find one, Dean makes the biggest cases i know, and i'm quite sure you could fit one in their.

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Go to your local guitar shop and ask, I go to music works in manakau or tom kroons specialize in ibanez
go to your local guiatr store or music store and ask for a case that would be big enough for it. My cousin has a Dean ML which is quite a large guitar and asked them for a case that would fit and he got one easily. it also fit his Jackson King V. People at music shops are huge helps.
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