So, UG, I am at a dilemma.

I have a small amount of money saved up (now I'm down to a mere $150 after buying Tele mods and a new DS. Damn me.). I'm getting a job in the spring and such, but the point is, I have a decision here.

I can get a Fender Super-Sonic head for about $725, and be up to my neck in debt and have to pay it off to my parents.

I could also save a little bit and get something cheaper with no debt.

I'm in a band that plays anything from funk to hard rock to grunge, so the Super-Sonic's versatility seems to suit me nicely. I played one at GC and was amazed.

I only have a couple gripes - I would really rather have the combo. It would be much easier not to have to take my 4x12" with me whenever I wanted to use my Fender, and when I'm at home, I could just hook the Super-Sonic up to my cab because of the rear jack.

..Would the combo sound better than my B-52 cabinet anyway, since it has a Vintage 30?
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^lol the fender supersonic combo.

imo, it has good sound, but it gets mushy when u turn it up... that's my experience with it.
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sorry I wasn't paying proper attention that the super sonic was only a head.

Here's my advice: Wait until you have a job. Don't go into unnecessary debt.
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