I've been playing electric (Les Paul) for 3 months usually sitting with the guitar resting on my right leg with the headstock of the guitar parallel to the ground which I think is the typical position.

Tonight, I was messing around and moved the guitar over to my left leg (which I rested on a stool) and angled the headstock upward (probably 30 - 45 deg above horizontal) - similar to classical style of holding a guitar.

What a huge difference! I felt like I could finger chords and play scales easier. Also, I tend to cramp up in my picking hand but my right hand/wrist felt more relaxed and comfortable.

Does anyone else play electric like this? Any reason I shouldn't play like this?

Play how you want to play I say.

I've done it before and... meh

It dosent really seem that odd for me
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I prefer the classical position for the comfort and ease when playing solos and higher fret stuff, but the right leg rest for just mashing up some riffs
I played my Electric like a Classical didnt make much difference, but if its easier for you then you should play it like that.
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yeah dude, definitely, i was classically trained and ive always played like that. i also was taught to place my thumb directly behind the neck right in the center, but sometimes its unnecessary. its a more relaxed position and MUCH easier on your back and shoulders.
if you play a V, thats how you have to play it. and if its more comfortable, rock the classical, its the only way i can play nowadays, much better access to all the frets

edit: in reference to the guy above me, putting your thumb directly behind the neck is a great thing to do, especially during wider stretches. it can really help
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I play my electric like that, and everybody thinks I'm really weird for doing so, but it makes it so much easier.
If I try to play it 'normally' then my arm aches after a while, and my fingers do not spread as much (they don't spread far normally).

I'm really tall, though, so that might be why.
i tried to play like that i couldint reach the lower stuff (ei: Like 3rd and 5th fret) was around 10th 12th all the time
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I usually play in a Classical style where my cable is hanging perfectly straight to the ground...
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