Hey guys, it's pfizer again with another question about electric guitars.

I'm a fan of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and for a period of my life, I actually thought about purchasing his signature model the "Dean From Hell" manufactured by Dean Guitars:

Then I saw what they were charging for it and the amount of DIME models they're releasing to "honor" him. I thought "Man, this much for Dime's name and a paintjob, which is pretty crappy when you get down to it?". Then I found out that the bridge was a Licensed Floyd Rose; my Dimebag G.A.S. disappeared.

Recently I saw this:

They are apparently custom made by a collaboration with Boogie Street Guitars and Washburn, the "Boogiebolt" and "Boogiebolt Import" from left to right. Dimebag apparently called them up before he switched to Dean and they only made about 13 ( ) around the world. As you can see, those babies look friggin' sweet! I can't find any detailed specs on them and I can't find any detailed comparisons between the Dimebolt/Boogiebolt models and the DFH signature model. I prefer the Washburn's looks to be honest

Edit: It seems that there is no such model as a "Dimebolt". Both guitars are called Boogiebolts, with the abalone-lightning one being the Import model which has about 50 models made around the world. The USA model doesn't use abalone on the lightning design. Added some new pics as well
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holy crap, the one on the right looks like pure sex
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i prefer the deans, much better, the neck is absolutely perfect for my hands
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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i prefer deans too

plus if you even could find one of the washburns it would be worth heaps if theres only 13
I quite like the look of the Dimebolt, but I must say that Deans are a lot more comfortable for me to play, though I haven't played too many washburns, Dime O Flame all the way
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The "Dimebolt" was a 13-piece run. The Boogiebolts get another spin every once in a while. Still mighty rare and limited, thogh. However, I'd prefer the Dimeslime they made- Flamed maple top, yellow to lime green burst, black binding and a natural mahogany back. *drool*

Rumour has it the Washys were nicer than the Deans, but most people have never played either, and neither have I, so I can only go by looks.
washburn imo the colouring is much more vibrant and it just looks better overall than the dean. i wouldn't know how they play since i haven't played either
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I hate the dimebag guitars, but the one on the far left looks really interesting. Anyone know about that one?
From looks, washburn.
From reputation, Washburn.
From (the whole brnads) pricerange, washburn
From the not being a bunch of tools with marketing segment, Washburn.

Though they seem pretty damn rare.
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I hate the dimebag guitars, but the one on the far left looks really interesting. Anyone know about that one?

That one looks like Nick Catanese's "Evil Twin" Idol Signature. He's got one of the Boogiebolt models as well; lucky bastard

The general consensus so far seems to be with Dean but I gotta say, I really effin' hate that paintjob. It looks like a toy! I'm surprised Dime didn't punch the guy who did that.

I've played only one Dean in my life and that was the Rusty Cooley Sig that belongs to my sister. I kinda felt like an Ibanez to be honest, but the deep lower horn cutaway and jumbo frets give it a really nice feel. Not a fan of EMGs and 7-stringers though so I'll keep looking. I barely see that guitar at home anyway, it's always being used in gigs.
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Quote by Mecler
I hate the dimebag guitars, but the one on the far left looks really interesting. Anyone know about that one?

hey buddy dimebag guitars are the best ****in thing ever
That DFH pic is HORRIBLE. Go find a better one. NOW.
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