18 years old, looking for a band in Minnesota. There seems to be no talent here and I want to find dedicated players. I play anything except emo and punk. Ive got tons of information and ill PM you all the answers to your question etc. Thanks
I live in minnesota too, and i'm a guitarist looking for a band. Believe me, you're right in saying there's little talent to be had here.

I'm a serious player, live in woodbury. If you need another guitarist, i'm in.
yah it's like Minnesotas the no talent state lol. I would come play but i'm in the brainerd area
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Lol, I live in Faribault which is directly south of the cities. My bands looking for a guitarist, we're just starting to get stuff together. PM me if anyone is slightly interested. We're all 18 btw.
i think like 3 of the guys from dead to fall are from minnesota, so thats not true.
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from Faribault...

im reinvesting in a new drumset, once that happens maybe we can hook up and make something happen?
I'm Swedish but i live in minnesota. Oh yeah and i play the guitar.
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I play guitar and maybe decent on bass, but i live in St. Cloud

The guy got banned. I actually played with him. He doesn't post here anymore either. Hes going to some music school in Japan.
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Minnesota isn't talentless. It's just that all the talented musicians are already taken.

I lol'd

Have you been to live gigs of "the best" Minnesota bands? They are mostly a joke who can't write a decent song to save their lives man.
I know a cover band that my friend's dad is the drummer in, they're called Gridlock and they're pretty good

Oh, and the Dweebs. I think they're Minnesotan?
I play guitar seriously and live in the downtown minneapolis area...posted a couple threads looking for another guitarist in minneapolis awhile ago.

what kind of stuff do you play?
I live in Woodbury too and really wanna start a project!! what kinda music would you like to do, and im very dedicated to playing
uhh wow, pretty sure the guy that started this thread is probably past that now, good try though