I just got a guitar and would like to know if there are any basic exercises I can do to improve or build on my fundamentals, I have NO IDEA how to play the guitar whatsoever so any sort of advice would be highly appreciated. I would like to get my fundamentals right so I won't get any bad habits which may hinder my progress in the future. My friend tells me to continuously do 1234321 on the string, any other exercises I can work on?
practice alternate picking 1234 up down up down. also memorize the frets. besides that good luck and have fun.
buy Diatonic Theory & Harmony DVD, you can put it in your computer and print out lesson plans. it has all kinds of exercises to learn with. it's good for beginners to more advanced players as well.
Well, to warm up, I have always done
the first three arpeggios in Arpeggios From Hell (especially the Am one)
half of The Flight of the Bumblebee (up until it goes up to 7th fret)
and a couple 3 string then 5 string sweeps

Start out slow and work your way faster
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Start learning chords, the 1234 excercise can wait - it's not the most rewarding of things and it serves little purpose right at the beginning.
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