Hi, my name is Annie and I'm posting about my band.
We're calling Something We Don't Know Yet, and right now it's just me and my friend JD doing all of the instrument tracking and vocals.

We both do vocals, guitar, and bass. I do all the keys and JD does drums.

Everything we've been writing so far is kind of poppy but has a definite rock and roll feel to it. We're moving further into a post-punk feel, with more keys and electronics in our newer material.

Sooo, if you want to be really awesome and give it a listen, let me know what you think. The levels are kind of messed up, so definitely let me know how you think it can be improved, we're going to re-record everything pretty soon.

Something We Don't Know Yet - Myspace
And we have some more songs on our PureVolume
SWDKY - PureVolume

Annie (SWDKY)