Hey guys, I'm new to the guitar-scene, and I'm planning on doing a little bit of spending for a new electric on Friday. I've been looking, and right now, there's a couple I'm looking at (before going to the store). Basically, there's a sale, and a couple of advertised ax's that seem like they wouldn't be bad for a beginner like myself. Right now, I'm looking at the Epiphone Les Paul Special II ($129 CAN), and the PRS SE EG S/S/H ($299).

Basically, I'm just curious as to what types of music they're used to play. I am going to play them both (obviously), see how I like the feel and such before shelling out any cash, but I've heard so much about the tone of Les Paul's and versatility of PRS's, so I'm just wondering what I can expect from them. At the prices, I don't think I can really go too wrong with either, though I'd prefer something like the PRS (I'm thinking, anyways).

Currently, I find myself looking up tabs for AC/DC, ZZ Top, Zeppelin, and things like that, along with some Nirvana and the likes. I do also enjoy playing through old classics such as "Take It Easy," and "Brown Eyed Girl." Eventually, I want to get into jazz & blues (which is where I went with my sax playing) once I can play a bit more than simple chord progressions and brush up on my theory.

I'm just learning to play, but like to have a variety in my hobbies (when I played sax, I played Tenor and Baritone, want to look at Soprano next, and I have 9 different R/C cars at the moment). I am a bit of an audiophile, and appreciate sound, so I know I should be looking at a new amp (sitting with a Frontman 15G currently , but please don't hassle me about that, I plan to upgrade that to something high-end come summer, when I have time to work again).

Also, I currently have an old Yamaha acoustic (FG-400A if I recall correctly, can't be bothered to pull it out of its case and check at this time), a Squire "Affinity Series" S/S/S Strat (please spare me the Squire ridicule, it was my first purchase, at a good price to learn), and an Ibanez GRX20 (again, not the greatest, but I got a good deal, and like having something different from the Strat). If I find something new, the Ibanez will most likely go to a friend, or the Strat to a cousin (if I find a nice authentic Fender at a good price), as both are looking to get into playing now. I actually walked away from the Ibanez twice, leaving it for my friend to go check out (and buy), but couldn't a third time, and he regrets not making it out to the store now.

PS: Sorry for the stupidly-long first post, but I'm new to the scene, and looking for some help on spending my money.
the PRS is the higher quality, the simple body design (though sleek) can be the feel you are looking for especially with the older rock stuff.

The other bodies you were looking at were just for looks.
id go with the PRS. thats a really nice guitar and would give you tones that would do most of the stuff you said.
Agreed...the SE will suit your needs much better than the epi.
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Quote by Lastin
The other bodies you were looking at were just for looks.

Actually, I like the simple dual-cutaway PRS body shape more than the Les Paul shape (not a fan of the LP shape's looks, myself). I was leaning towards the PRS for quality, but wasn't sure as to what would suit the tone I want more. Thanks guys, I can't wait until Friday now, though...