Hi guys,

I'd like to sell a vintage fender guitar, nevertheless I do not know how much it costs?
I bought it about ten years ago.

can you help me please?


It all depends on:

-how original it is; if it has non-original parts or has had a refin it will be worth a lot less

-the condition; I think you can figure that one out yourself

-the year it was made; a 1954 strat in good condition will be worth much more than a 1972 strat in the same condition

Vintage instruments are quite a specialist subject, so the only way anyone can give you a proper indication of what to sell it for would be if they saw it in person.

By the way, what year is your's? I'm assuming "bought ten years ago" means that you bought an old Fender ten years ago, because if it's just ten years old, it's not vintage.
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Fender pre-CBS get loads, and any fender from the 70s onwards don't get that much.
Not much help but if it's 70s onwards you'll get £1500 at the MOST for it?
yeah, sorry this is the FENDER NOCASTER RELIC CUSTOM 1951 by Phil McKnee.

anyone can fix his price??
But, I'd like to know your method? How do you guess the price?
do you know any website or magazines?
It's worth however much someone is willing to pay for it. Your best bet is to look around and see how much others have gone for, or similar ones if you can't find the same one being sold. There's no standard to price these things by.
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