Just wondering if anybody can tell me what they think is the best red hot chili pepper solo...and also if you could say why you think its the best, like is the technique really good or is it all about the feel the solo generates.
I think the best solo can be found in the "ONLY RHCP thread" located in the modern rock forum.

But she's only 18 is pretty good for the chilis (who aren't exactly known for their solos)
Listen to The Sounds Inside
John Frusciante
I Could Have Lied- not exactly Steve Vai-esque in technicality but chock full of emotion. One of my solos of all time.
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Head to the Chili Pepper thread.

(( And it's obviously the solo in Slane Castle: Parallel Universe ))

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Sorrow ate me, I'm not me anymore
Play these heavens one more time
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