Yo every body this is a song I've started writing protesting the corruption of the current American government ( and partly governments in general). If you're an American please don't be offended this song is against the American government not the people, I think America is a rad country with lots of cool people in it I just hate their government. so this is the first and second verse of my song ( no chorus yet )

Strutting around with blood on their hands
killing, invading impoverished lands
hungry for power, thirsty for oil
pillaging ripping up everyones soil
who polices the world police?
when can the senseless killing cease?
they slaughter the masses in global man hunts
we don't need these F U C K I N G C U N T S

(verse 2 )
all eyes turn to the attention *****
in constant fear of nuclear war
greedily spreading, raping the earth
taking the trees for all they're worth
nothing can stop the ones who have cash
from burning the forests to nothing but ash
feeling so mighty feeling so high
the smog of big business darkens the sky
into a dark pit of despair ever it delves
we don't need these ****ing ****s, they should go and F U C K Themselves!

the difference in verse length is intentional, verse 1 is about the american government and verse 2 is about the world in general.. so what do guys think?

please please comment thanks
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Good very well written but maybe the swearing is abit over the top, im not against it, to me it just dosnt seem to fit and downgrade the other lyrics(in this song) but very well done i exspecially like "raping the earth"!
Why feel the need to swear? Also maybe take an approach which isnt so overly done by so many bands trying to be political. Try bring something different to the table rather than just a **** the government attitude, it lacks something from being overdone so much.