Here they are


This one is about every kind of news you’ve got…
Mp3s, blogs, pics…

Just don’t tell each your friend and get bored by telling each single guy…
Just write it in here and they’ll all see…


This group is for Real Rock Lovers (R.R.L) so just become a member…
Notice it’s closed so if you wanna become a member than just pass the test and get the invitation…
By getting a lot of stuff for the group you can even become a mod and get allowed to the R.R.L Soviet

I know it’s not so right to write all this here but mods??
Sorry for this ok??
Lol @ threadstarter being creator of both groups listed.

No. I will not join either of your groups.
Listen to The Sounds Inside
John Frusciante
At least he is a pink floyd fan.

And btw, I passed the real rocker test, but I'm still not joining.
Listen to The Sounds Inside
John Frusciante
Bloody hell, I think Pink Floyd took up half the questions on that quiz. I passed, but I don't like them and dont like classic rock either. So i'm not joining.