I'm just trying to get a kind of idea on how great people thourght the iron maiden concert was in melbourne. I would like to hear from people that went both nights on what they think the best night was. I went on the second night i thourght it was completely epic and probably one of the best gigs. Also what do you think was the best song on the night?
Well I only went on the Wednesday but I can say honestly that it was the best concert I've ever been to!
No real best song for the night - I was stoked to hear Aces High straight off the bat, and of course Fear of the Dark was a highlight (Crowd participation was epic). I was a little saddened when they played Hallowed Be Thy Name though - it meant they were finishing up
yeh it was a pretty ace night, except i was standing next to this fagg, other than that it was a mad gig and fear of the dark went OFF same as run to the hills
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