OK this is my first post in R&R.

I've got a condenser mike with the recording bundle I own (Behringer Podcastudio). I know it's not meant for recording louder sounds (being more geared towards vocals etc.) but I need the best sound for electric guitar out of it. Close Miking or No?

Please make some suggestions, all I'm getting is poor quality tinniness at the moment.

either way it will be extremely loud which will probably distort it
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Behringer doesnt make great mics and so I think that condenser may break up with lower volumes so I would not put it too close.

you should try getting a Shure SM57 mic and running that to your interface/mixer setup.

LD Condensers normally are fairly fine with guitar cabs...they just dont like big shocks of air like from a kick drum.
Condensers will do guitar amps fine as a close mic, most half decent ones are rated up to 100-120db so unless your ears are bleeding, the mic should be ok