My guitar keeps tuning itself up which I am assuming is because the trem on the strat needs setting up.

Does anyone have any links to any sites which walk you through this ?

Thanks in Advance
I'd be extatic if my guitar tuned itself.

But either way, you just have to persist with it. Try adding another spring to the tremolo in the back. If the strings are new, make sure you stretch them in properly.
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I don't know of any sites that walk you through it but I can tell you how to get it right. First tune the guitar to you preferred tuning then look at the trem from the side of the guitar. If it is rising above the body tighten the claw in the back (the thing that the springs hook into) if its below the body loosen the claw then tune it up again. Keep doing this until the trem is parallel with the body. You could add another spring to the back but all that will do is give you a heavier trem. Hope this helps.
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My tremelo is not flush with the body of the guitar.
Is this normal ?

I noticed that my Squire strat is flush.