I sent an e-mail to Avatar speakers about using one of their cabs (the B212 Neo) with a 125 watt G-K head. I asked if the head would be powerful enough to safely drive the speaker. They said:

HI it will work but it would be nice to have more power....the one thing you don't want to do is to turn up past halfway because then the amp distorts and heats up the speakers...otherwise no problem

Has anyone ever had that problem or heard of it happening? It sounds a little absurd to me...
Basically they're saying because your amp is low wattage it'll start clipping when you turn it up to high volume levels.

This shouldnt damage the speakers but SS bass head distortion doesn't sound very nice!

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this is why i hate my GK BP250. the volume distortion sounds like crap. and you cant add speakers to them with the one crappy jack GK 125 watts come with. im gonna upgrade when i got the money. im getting a 300 watt amp with a 4x10. then i can push what i need
Square waves are produced when a solid state power amp clips,when you turn your amp up too high. Speakers really don't like these, they DO damage speakers!
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So, if the "clip" light on the head lights up, does that mean I need to turn down to avoid speaker damage?
Well, the clip light from what I understand controls preamp distortion - it's the master volume you want to lay off. Turning an amp up high results in a lot of high frequency distortion that can results in super-hot voice coils that can burn speaker cones.
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