hey guys, I recently bought a set of fender texas specials on ebay but theres one problem, the wire for the bridge pickup isnt long enough. Does anybody know what sort of cable I need? Im willing to spend alot on it, theres no point having great pickups hooked up with crap wire. Also, where can I buy it? ( PREFERABLY IN THE UK)
eh just get some standard wire, making suere that they are color-coated so you don't forget which end is which.

Considering that the extension is only going to end up being about 2-3 more inches it won't really effect it much. Just remember to solder the connection together and tape them before you put them in the guitar. If anything you will want a wire that is the same guage if now a bit thicker.

AFAIK extending 3 inches won't change anything that much, so you should be fine no matter what wire you choose, as a long as it's roughly the same guage and the wire is conductive.