This is pretty much just a rhyminggame, nothing serious. Just a lot of lines that poped up in my head when listening to dylans its alright ma and subterreanean homesick blues.

to five from nine
they twist ur spine
around their checkered mind
if u bow down
accept their crown
u get ur dime
u might get rewarded with a line
in a magazine about time

man or woman of the year
looking like a richard gere
ur moderatly queer
not too severe
just a well-trimmed rear
and all their fear
is in ur ear
dont trust ur peer
cancer is everywhere
nuclear war, my dear
but dont shed a tear
just drink your beer
when noones near
someone just might hear
a silent sneer

read racks of books
stacks of good looks
that grow on hooks
look out for crooks
while ur food overcooks
an expensive cat
the chicest hat
stay away from fat
and when ur done go raise a brat
to take the place where u once sat
this is all and where its at
go sell ur soul for all of that
I really don't see what this has to do with Postmodernism (we can talk postmodernism if you want). Otherwise, it's a solid piece, outside of the forced rhymes, but as a rhyming exercise, not bad.
Y 50 $3&10^$¿
from wikipedia: Postmodernity (also spelled post-modernity or the pejorative postmodern condition) may be used to describe the present social, cultural, and economic state

Just a title i made up to not call it untitled really.

and yea there are lots of forced rhymes.