haha, not what i expected when i saw the name. it very different and kind of a spacy, creepy, techno. pretty cool. your voice fits the song really well. and all the instruments come together very nicely, prolly the best was the keyboard. keep it up
thanks for the crit
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enjoyed this one chris. Not gonna lie, the guitar from "this cold war" stuck in my head the longest. I really liked "Dance" though, especially since the instrumentation is more up my alley.

I might reconsider the low-creepy backing vocals that come in twice (once around 1:30). Nice lyrics sir, opened a new thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=12770216#post12770216
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This sounds like Tom Waits which is cool, cause I LOVE him. I love your drums, very steppingly groovy (that didn't make sense). Piano was cool, if a bit robotic, but w/e. I love it.
Hey Chris,

Haven't heard anything like this ina loooong while...

Very spooky and out of this world sound . The piano is sweet - some parts of it reminded me of Chopin - pretty cool. The drums are pretty nice too - fit the tune well to give it a more variated sound.
The vocals as usual are spot on - can't fault you on that at all. The lyrics are great too.

The bass section is awesome especially with that synth behind it.

Good stuff.

Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Quote by chrisatgrace
thanks man! the piano was synthed...

I could tell, its cool though
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yeah, i went to a dance and everything had really cool beats, but lame melodies, so i tried out my own style lol.
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