So I got a new amp the V32 a couple of days ago so yesterday I went to turn it on and the lightbulb that tells you it's on went off. So I thought it's just the lightbulb. But then the amp started crackling and now i'm thinking something else is wrong. Pre amp tubes?
It starts crackling once i start it and crackles more when i have the reverb channel on. Everything in the amp is stock.
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Did you buy it new? If so, I would just take it back to the store and say "You sold me crap. Fix it."
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Ah ok. Well, if you got an extra $100 laying around, I would just retube the whole thing and start at zero. If not, then visually check out your tubes - look for any that are glowing a different color. You can also do the "tap test": wait for the amp to warm up, turn the volume on, and then tap the tubes with an eraser or your finger to see if they make noise. Noisy tube = bad tube. If it's a power tube, you'll have to replace both. If it's a preamp tube, those can be replaced individually.

The power light not working is just odd, though.
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Well, make sure you don't tap the power tubes with your finger....
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I think it was like slightly used. Really it looks damn new.

If you bought it from a store, bring it back. That's not a tube issue, that's something else. You need a tech (or, preferably, a new amp!).
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I've read in several reviews that the reverb tanks in this amps cause a similar issue, which would make sense if it gets worse when you use the reverb.

You can buy a replacement tank that fits perfectly, and is of higher quality on ebay for $20. I don't own one and can't say for sure, but several different reviews said it was a worthwhile upgrade regardless of the noise.

From one MF review: "The pan bounces around inside and the hookup wires break. Result: major hum and no reverb. Solution? Simply replace the cheap can with the far better US Accutronics 3-spring 8EB2C1B with (sic) is exactly the same size so it mounts correctly where the bad one came out. "

Might not be the problem, but figured it couldn't hurt to know.