y'all. After my last venture into the realms of music writing, when I posted 1 of the biggest pieces of crap ever written. Now, after going through a brief study of Music Theory (in my own time mind you, which is not a lot), I have a small collection of some songs which I enjoyed writing =)

Any feedback welcome =D (I've called it Symphonic because thats what I originally had in mind when I wrote them)
Part 1.zip
Part 2.zip
Well, technically you're only supposed to have 2 songs a week up. =P

But, I'll listen to all your songs...

Assault - I personally think this is a little boring. Good riff ideas, but it's just so slow for that type of riffing. And the solos are all fast and don't really fit the song.

Devil's Requiem - I like the intro a lot. It's very epic and builds up nicely. I think part 3 ended a little abruptly though. It reminded me of Nile sort of.. I was really wanting to hear some brutal death metal after the intro. The main riff was pretty nice sounding though. 113 sounded out of key. And the solo didn't really "end," it just sort of "stopped" You know what I mean?

Scars Of Time - I assume this song is intended to be like a little interlude type thing on a CD? It worked right for that. A little repetitive, but it wasn't bad.

The Ancient Rhyme - I think the instruments should do more of a fade if you're going to end it like that. I really enjoyed the overall sound of the song though.

The Broken - The intro is nice. The "heavy interlude" could use some work. Maybe instead on a "punch" instead of holding out to give it the "heavy" feel. I really liked the solo until 144-147. I liked everything about this song except for the monotonous rhythm.

Overall, you've got some potential... You need to work on variation and better transitions, though. Good job overall though. And remember, drummers only have 2 arms.. They can't hit a ride, crash, and snare at the same time. lol

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great feedback, I can use it to find out what I can improve on in the future too become a better song writer. Devil's Requiem is still in progress though, and I'm having trouble writing a solo for it (not really a lead guy anyway). I'm not hearing what you mean by 113 being out of key. I can't seem to hear anything wrong with it. May be something to do with the scale itself, being C Harmonic Minor, but doubt it. I don't play by the rules

For Assault, I personally don't see a problem with it. I don't think it would sound any good if it was faster, your probably right about the solo though. Scars of Time I intended to do something different with the flute, but couldn't really get anything to fit at the time. Also wanted to have a calming seashore sound, like waves, but it didn't work to well.

And yeah, your right about the drums, I meant to go over it but I didn't really have the time too

anywayz, will checks yours out and see what I think =)
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