Ok so I got down all of the song except the solo and the main riff, and I already memorized the solo. But I need help with the main riff, I can't do all the notes separate without hammer ons!

 S S S S S S S S E S S Q    E.    S +E    E   +E    E       E E

I know this sounds stupid but my accuracy is off! I tried this slow a billion times and tried to get faster. Is there anything I can do to make my right hand's accuracy better?
Quote by litelbrown
use hammer-ons, slash does

no, actually I saw a video on youtube, he doesnt
Practicing boring chromatic type stuff with alternate picking and a metronome is very humdrum, but it pays off. My alt picking improved drastically. Just do any chromatic scale (preferably 3 notes per string) slowly, and work up speed.
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