I'm looking for a good priced, moderate output (25-50 watts), single channel Fender Tube Head. Preferably no pre-amp gain/master volume. Any suggestions?
You're looking for vintage gear? There's nothing new that really fits your bill.

Fender Bandmaster comes to mind. Couple old Traynors might also serve you well. Cost less, too. The YRM-1, YBA-1 (don't be fooled by the fact that it's a bass amp, it's really just a Fender Bassman!). They have smaller models, too. I have the YBA-2B, it's a killer guitar amp!
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Just curious... why no pre-amp gain/master volume and only one channel?
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Just curious... why no pre-amp gain/master volume and only one channel?

Limited budget. Plus I find that I can capture the more natural tone of my guitar with just cranking it, or putting a pedal infront of it.
The lack of those features doesn't guarantee a lower price - also does it HAVE to be a Fender, or do you just want something that sounds like a Fender? Also your argument doesn't really make sense...do you want to capture more of the natural tone of your guitar or do you want to use pedals?
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Fender preferred. Doesn't have to be though. Tested and tried, it does capture the tone of my guitar more. Front end doesn't satisfy my tastes. I have pedals that I find doesn't color the tone too much (besides what it's supposed to do).