I'm starting to play at live performances, and at first I thought it would be as easy as carrying my guitar case and an amp. However, I've also got cabling, D.I. box, a folder with sheet music and set list, microphone stand, music stand, guitar stand, etc. I look pretty dumb making several trips or walking in with stuff crammed under my arms and about to drop everything. I was guessing that one of those big military duffel bags or something similar would be nice but I figured I'd see what everybody else did.
Carry amp, guitar in a softcase, gear in a rucksack.
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I used to be guitar and ampin hands, rucksack o back

im now pedal board, amp, guitar in hands

But im gonna start taking a guitar case with straps so i can sling it on my back

much easier
i use my guitar soft carry case to store cables, pedals, sheets and whatever and then amp in hand plus whatever else is needed for the night
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i take my bass and spare bass in hard cases. My head has a flight case and my cabs have to be wheeled in on their castors. All my accessories and stuff goes in the box my dad made me. Its like these: http://www.thomann.de/gb/thon_zubehoercase_804040.htm but with castors on the botttom.
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A friend. Think smaller then just a big duffle bag...I've had times where I carried a bunch of stuff in a backpack, and everything can get pretty jumbled up in there and thinks like guitar stands and such can damage cables, rip into your lead sheets, etc. Not to mention it's impossible to find stuff in a hurry in a dark club. So something compartmentalized. But in the end, I gave up and just carry things in separately with two different bags and stuff like music stand/guitar stand tucked under my arms.
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guitar case and bag with pedals/leads in either hand, then make another trip with amp
you can get a rucksack over a guitar in a gigbag both on your back quite easily
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Cool, thanks. I found a backpack that was given to me at a programming conference, it has lots of internal pockets, I already put several things in it. That will get me by for awhile.
I have a heavy weight gym bag, with different zippers and compartments that I can keep pretty much anything I need for most gigs in.

Something like this is nice though too..

For most local gigs I have this...


I'll put my rectoverb there, two guitar cases (hardshell) btw the amp the the handle, the gym bag on top and any other small bag i need over my shoulder.
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I am using a duffel bag that my dad got with some cologne and it was just sitting around the house. I used to use a backpack, but the massive foot switch for my Road King won't fit in anything else...
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