Hello everyone! Here's some (hopefully) relevant...

Shameless Self-Promotion:

Post Setlists, Photos, Videos, Scanned Ticket Stubs, Gig Posters, and more while discussing and reviewing individual shows at ShowMeTheSetlist.com. It's like creating a virtual scrapbook page for each concert, except much cooler.

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Here are a few entries already made for example:


I’m just a fan trying to create a central source for concert-goers to catalog set lists. It’s entirely wiki and made by you, the fan! Therefore, if you don’t like the site, blame yourself, your family and your friends and tell them to get cracking. Just don’t blame me, I like the site. Since it’s a grassroots, Do-It-Yourself site, we need you to help by creating content and making sure your favorite bands are well-represented.

Also, don’t forget to friend me at myspace.com/showm

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