Hey! I'm happy to be in the Ultimate Guitar community. I've been pulling tabs for a long time, but just now took the time to register.

I have a Fender Ultimate Chorus amp that needs some pot work done. ($300 apparently to have all the pots replaced)

I need to find these pots for sale and I'm new at trying to work on my equipment. I know I can do it, but was hoping for some help.

How do I find the right pots?

Are there procedures for reconnection I need to follow?

Anyone with experience enough to affer any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I need to get my gig amp back up and running.

Thank you!
The impedence of each pot will very likely be printed on the back of each respective pot. It's really a matter of desoldering where the wires connect to each pot and resoldering to the replacement pot, job done, super easy.

Why on earth do you need to replace all the pots on the amp?

$300 us seems absolutely insane to me for parts and labor on replacing 16 pots( and I assume a few of them are actually effects switches not even pots). $50 for pots and $50 for an hours worth of labor should be a high estimate.
Sounds to me like some shady shop is trying to scam the hell out of you.

edit* if the pots are all pcb mount you will need solder wick to desolder them, but the process remains nearly as easy, and shouldn't cost any more.
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Thanks! Where do I find the appropriate pots?

The amp was in the basement of the guy I got it from for years. I started using it for gigs for about a year and then it started making this fizz/ scratchy sound when I hit the strings. (with any guitar) It would flucuate when messing with the input jack. I then thought it was that, had it resoldered. Nope. Then I took it to the shop and the guy told me that there was dead roaches fried to the pots and in the knobs and stuff. So I took his word for it, but think I can do it. I just don't know where to get the pots.

Any suggestions?
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