So I have been needing a new amp recently. I was previously set on the Crate Flexwave Half Stack, I originally had it ordered, but the place I bought it through has proved poor and decided to cancel the order. Now, as I am getting my tax return, i decided that this was the time to really look for a good amp, preferably a tube.

I've really been looking at the Blackheart, I was thinking about waiting for the 15W head to come out, but I then heard it wasn't being released until April. So I thought about buying the stack and then getting the 15W head once it is released.

I have also looked at Palomino's, Valve King's, and even thought about saving up for a cheap 6505+ on sale at local music store. But I don't really have the time to save up.

I use a Marshall MG30DFX at home, and a Fender Frontman at band practice. I can't really escape ****ty amps. And my budget is anything below or at $800.

I've played the Epiphone Valve Junior and have listened to clips of the Blackheart, and the Blackheart's really seems to have me sold.

I need a tone close to Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, a grunge-metal tone.

Well, I went into the store I bought the half stack from and it has shipped, should be in this week.

I think I'm going to try and see what I can get out of it first before selling or taking it back.

But I have not yet bought those pickups.
Yeah when I tried it out, I liked it, so I'm hoping it goes good so I don't have to go up and say, "Hey, even though I was a pain about having you order the amp and asking about it, and you're probably annoyed with, I want to return the amp."
Just a sidenote: Most stores don't let you return it if you had to special order it. I know guitar center and the local place round here doesn't. If yours does though, then go for it.
lol I blew my MG30DFX last week. ****ty amp.

I'd go with the Blackheart. But I have friends that have Peavey and Crate amps; they both seem like they'd be worth looking into at least if you're able to(wouldn't know which models though sorry).

Good luck I hope you get something kickass.
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