I have been trying to get my computer to record through the Line-In jack and I simply cannot figure out why I cant do this. So hopefully some of you have experience with this.

I have a Peavey Bandit 112 with a line-out for speakers and a line out called "simulated speakers" or something like that. I dont even know what that is really. Now I also have a Boss ME-50 multi effects pedal with a line-out. Which would be better to use? If the ME-50 is in the effects loop I assume I can just use that? Or just stick with the line out on the amp?

Either way I get no sound out of my computer. I have it set to record from the line-in jack and it seems to do nothing. Anyway if anybody has any ideas id really appreciate it. Thanks!
Make sure the Line in on your comp isn't muted, make sure the volume is turned up on both the amp and the line in. Sometimes you have to set the source to line in as well (as opposed to mic and what not).
windows? if so double click on the speaker icon on the bottom right toolbar, click options then properties, in properties click on adjust volume for: recording and make sure all the options line in, mic etc. are checked off then click OK... there you can select which input you like it to record from. Sometimes the input will be Mic sometime Line In. You can also adjust the input level there. I would suggest using the sim. speakers on your amp and just having the pedal in the loop.