Sorry for another recommendation thread but I have this concert coming up being organised by my music institute and like my guitar teacher (who is also like the head there) asked me to burn some songs unto a CD for them to play at the concert. So I thought of asking you guys, seeing as you have helped poor lost souls before. Now remember the audience is gonna be mostly kids and parents, so they'r gonna be expecting Brutal Gore Death, and I want something different, so please no Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist or any other Death Metal band, understandable music is the last thing they'r gonna be expecting!!!

So what do you guys recommend?
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The Dance Of Eternity- Dream Theater

People's heads will explode.

I've always thought what people would think of that song, with the honky-tonk piano and all...
fretellis suck

try rise against....ozzy...metallica
cant go wrong with sum nice metallica
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Anything by Abba

Also maybe something by mc chris
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