I decided to upgrade my gear so instead of using my Ibanez RG321MH I bought a Schecter C-1 Exotic Star. Now I also bought alot of little bits and bobs but the only thing I didnt upgrade was my amp.

Currently im using the Roland Microcube which was ok, but now that I have a BOSS MT2 Tuner, BOSS MT2 Metal Zone and Schecter playing through it its starting to sound pretty bad.

I spoke to my m8 who is pretty good with guitars and he recommended my buying something bigger and better to cope with the power I have now. We seen this:


I was told that was really good for the money considering its 65watts and 3 channel etc.

Now im going to get it tomorrow so I just wanted to know is that definetly worth the money and a really good amp as I couldnt find reviews anywhere.

If not, can someone show me a really good amp for around that price. I just wanna have a really good amp as there was no point in spending like £500-600 on new gear and still be playing a ****ty Roland on 10-15watts lol.


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The sites I buy from are:

Guitar Merchant City
Guitar Guitar

Can someone have a look and see if theres anything worth getting?

I seen the Peavey Bandit 112 is there:

£179 so in my range..

And the ratings look awsome:

Is this definetly the amp I would need and will definetly sound better than the Roland Microcube. I play alot of Rock/Metal... Bulletformyvalentine, Atreyu, Breakingbenjamin, Inflames, Ironmaiden, Metallica etc etc...

I use a Schecter C1 Exotic Star with BOSS MT2 Metal Zone and BOSS TU2 Chronomatic Tuner.
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For a solid state amp I was impressed with the new Crate Flexwaves. I played quite a bit on the 2x12 combo. It's got good tones for a solid state. The effects aren't worth much, but who uses those anyways...

Btw, I suggest you don't use the Metal Zone together with the Microcube. R-Fier setting, don't max out the volume, don't use the metal zone (the distortion pedal probably won't work very well with the modelling).

You could try doing that before you get the new amp I mean. If the cube sounds better with the MT-2, then use it. Can't help you with the new amp, sorry.
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I have the Metal Zone and the Roland on JC Clean and it sounds better.. Thanks for the help anyway.