Does anyone know of companies/websites that do Rickenbacker copies?

I'm wanting to use one for an art project but obviously buying a real one would be a complete waste of money.

Any ideas?
Indie made some pretty decent ones a couple of years ago, however I think they might have had to stop because they were a bit too good

the IRK500 is what you want to be looking out for
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tokai used to... there's one on ebay at the moment (12-string). However, i'm not sure if they were the japanese-made ones (i.e. badass) or the korean/chinese ones (alright for the price, but not a patch on the MIJ ones)...
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There used to be some Rickenbacker copies around in the early Eighties, in fact I had a Bass, not sure of the make as I got it second hand, other than Tokai I haven't seen any others around.
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