Hey guys. I have a GIbson Les Paul Studio Lite. It has an ebony fretboard and pretty sure the 496/500 pickup combo which sounds really nice.It was made in 92 so It does have it's share of scratches and dings but it plays great. I also have a Fender Cyber Deluxe amplifier for sale. Great shape with the exception of the foot switch which in which the first of the four buttons has stopped working. Otherwise great condition. I need to get rid of this stuff so i can bring my car up to school to do an internship.
I can be reached at thechimi2000 at yahoo.com or just pm me for details.

Haha thanks, i like it too i just need my car at college more than having another guitar around...
how much for the lp?

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I'd like to get around 700 shipped. But i'm flexible. Shoot me a pm with an offer