Well I am building a custom 212 cab, and I already have some extra speakers from some of my old amps, the only problem is one of the speakers is a 8ohm speaker, the other is a 16ohm speaker. Is there anyway to make them work together? any special way to wire them so they will have a certain combined ohm? or should I just buy a new speaker that matches either the 8ohm, or the 16ohm?

thanks for any help
You really can't match the two. The combined ohms would be either 24 or 12 ohms (which matches no amplifiers), and the 8 ohm speaker will be carrying about twice the load as the 16 ohm speaker in any configuration.

Pick the one you like better, and match it.

You could also get another speaker and wire 'em up for a fancy & unique 3x12 cab.
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