It's called Spirit and the Butterfly. I know the vocals aren't exactly great, but I tried anyway. Send me a link to your songs when you finish your crit on mine...thanks!

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The very first riff after the introduction is excellent. It's like it hits you really hard because of the more peaceful part before. The verse riff is also very good, love how it's all choppy, ie leave small rests in between notes.

As for the singing, I didn't think it was too bad. Although it could be better, you did a better job than what I will ever do.

The riff around the 2 minute mark... Well, what can I say? It's Awesome! Not usually into that type of singing, but it seems to fit in well. The solo is also very good, I like the sweeping in it.

Loving the acoustic part, adds a nice change to the song. Then goes back into the heavy riffing - very good.

Overall, I thought it was fantastic! Very good job, there's not really any major problems with this song.

There's a link in my sig if you wouldn't mind checking it out.
yea this is pretty badazz, real quality recording, and the mixing of all the parts seems real good.....bout all i can say sry, no negs..