In a few days I will be buying a JCM 600 combo 1x12. Right now it has 2x Svetlana EL34 power tubes, and 4x ECC83 [12 AX7] pre-amp tubes. Should I change these tubes out to get a better metal tone? If so, what should I replace them with? I know that I will need an overdrive- so reccomend me some o' them too.

This will be my first tube amp, so what else should I know?

Im want to be able to play- iron maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Etc-
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if you dip the speaker cab in carbonite it might make it more metal... but thats just me.
Overdrive pedal.
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Overdrive pedal.

distortion pedal
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Generally a speaker change will have more tonal impact than a tube change (presuming the old tubes are still good). If you're bent on changing the tubes anyway, call Marshall and see if the amp can handle KT-77 power tubes.
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distortion pedal

Overdrive pedal
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