Just wondering...

I realize a lot of people are very against this piece of equipment... but I still have a few questions

Does the pod only sound good with the Variax? Is it worth it to buy the Pod if you don't have the Variax? If no, please explain why YOU feel this way (not why hundreds of people on other forums do).

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I don't have any experience with the X3 live, but I've seen performers using the Pod in general on stage, and I didn't think they sounded bad at all(and I HATE Line 6 amps). I also saw Eric Clapton on TV a few years ago playing with a Pod(probably a promotional thing) but he was using it...and obviously he sounded great.
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yes because its not just amp and guitar modeling unit; it also has effects, stomp boxes, volume control and wah.

i like the cleans but not the distorted tones.
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The POD is very useful for recording, and that's about it. Don't get me wrong though, I would love to have one for recording, but for live situations they just sound bleh.
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Yeah. Lots of Line 6 bashers on UG. So called "tone-freaks" that played a tube amp and they now know EVERYTHING about amps there is to know.

Anyway, Ive used the X3, I dont have enough experience with it to give a big opinion on it other than the models sound true when set right. Plus everything is a lot clearer and present than on the XT. The 2 amp feature is REALLY nice. So is XLR outs so you can go straight to board for a cleaner tone instead of having to hit a DI box and lose some of your frequencies. Basically its a ****ing Vetta in a box. Go to Line 6's website and listen to the Vetta 2 head soundclips. Thats pretty much an X3 with a few upgrades in models.

And no you dont have to have a Variax to use any model other than Variax Acoustic model really. The X3 AND the XT are really particular about what guitar is running through it. It really shows you what your bare tone of the guitar is like with no preamp sometimes. Great guitar = Great Tone. ****ty Guitar = Cover it up and hope the X3 can make it sound good.

I own an XT and use it for live playing and recording. Try telling me that a Line 6 XT sucks when it set up right and driven by over 5000 watts of power. Ive found out most bashers are usually like "Bass 10, Mids 0, Treble 10, Presence 10.....WHY DOESNT IT SOUND GOOD?!"
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