this is my first post in here. i wrote this a long time ago in creative writing, and my friends told me to post it in here to see what you guys think.C4C, just leave the link.

Puerto Ricans make the best bombs.

Nazi Cannibals try to take over Heaven,
God gets in a gunfight.
Crack yourself, it starts with Death.
Commitment ends it.
Twisted love.
Clear your mind, join the club,
this can't be good.
Why make friends when we're all going to die?
You can't spell believe without lie.
These scars are battle wounds.
Say what comes to mind first.
No need to think about it.
Think about that.
Cover yourself in salt after we peel your skin off.
Tell me when that's love.
Medication only helps the already healed.
I think not.
You'll get what's coming to you.
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listen to metal.
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