is there a trustworthy sega emulator anywhere on the internet? i was just thinking about this and the ones that i found looked pretty s@itty so i was wondering if anyone knew anything about one.


by the way im doing this cause i realized that i havent played sonic in forever
Sonic RULED. I was actually thinking about emulators yesterday. But I want to get a controller before I even mess with them.
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Because of this thread, I'm going to find my old Sega and play Sonic. Thank you for wasting the next 8 hours of my day
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google "genesis roms" and i think if i remember correctly it sends you to a decent site with tons of roms with a couple different emulators
sonic is one of the main reasons i got a wii ha i just bought every single sonic game(except 3d) yesterday for it
i have a genesis emulator called fusion, it works pretty well. it can play genesis roms, sega cd roms and i think saturn stuff too, if you're looking for versatility. i'd say google something like 'genesis emulator fusion' or something like that and you'll find it