I have just got into this guy after watching a programme about Stiff records. I seriously love what I'm hearing. I def need to get an album of his. Any fans here? if so what album should I get? both his late and early material seems pretty good.
I've never listened to his old stuff, but I have The Donovan of Trash. It's good, a little samey at parts for my tastes, but there are some great songs on it like Joe Meek and Henry's Flat which make it worth it.
I only know Whole Wide World because of the movie Stranger Than Fiction and I like that song a lot. I guess I'll have to buy some of his stuff and check it out
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Yeah, I was watching that as well. BBC do great documentaries.
Can't say I know a ton of Wreckless Eric material to be able to help out though.
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I saw that program too! Late night boredom FTW!