1) What is a Baritone Guitar?

2) Are Ibanez's good for blues. I know Fender, Epiphones and PRS are but are Ibanez's?
a baritone guitar is for low tunings. as in it has a long scale and set up specifically for high guage strings.

and generally no, ibanez is not really a blues guitar.
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depends on the ibanez you get, there are some that are made specifically for blues such as the artcore series
First of all what is a blues guitar, we have people playing blues on almost any type of guitar from fender to gibson and anything inbeetwen. Maybe the rg and S is not a right thing for it but SA, Artist (one of the most popular blues guitarist in Poland used to play one) Jet Kings, and a lot of the artcore, and hollow bodies would do the trick.