hey guys, I've got a washburn t14q bass (beginner bass nothing fancy) and I am having some trouble with fret buzz. When I first got it, there was way to little neck relief, and I had the action as high as it could go to get rid of the fret buzz. Well, I read up on adjusting the truss rod, so I loosened it slowly over the course of about 2 weeks (loosen it, wait a few days and check again) Well I am now lowering the action, but when I fret the 1st fret on the D string, it buzzes. The rest of the strings are fine. I was reading in another thread on here where somebody said that if its buzzing at the first few frets, then its probably lack of neck relief. Well the neck relief is .017 inches right now, or .432 mm. From what I understand this is a little excessive. Is it possible that it is buzzing because of too much neck relief? I want to avoid taking it to a shop. Any help is appreciated.
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If there is no information on the Washburn site as to how to set the neck relief, you might try another manufacturer. I know that such information is in the user manuals for Ibanez bass guitars, but the values there may not be correct for the Washburn design. Whatever you do, make sure you do NOT overtighten the nut that adjusts the neck relief. It is possible to actually break the truss rod.

Once you have the correct neck relief then set the action, again based on the user manual information. It is also important to set intonation next, as that will alter the action a bit. So these two steps may need to be repeated, if the neck and action are far away from the specifications.

If after all of that you still get fret buzz, it may be that one (or more) frets are too high on the fretboard. The easiest way to check for that is to put a capo on at each fret position and check with a feeler gage or some other suitable measuring device.
thanks. The bass didnt come with a manual, and I cant find one anywhere. I've set the action to a good level, but theres buzzing when I fret the first fret (hitting the second fret), most evident on the D string. How can I tell if its the truss rod that needs adjusting or a high fret? The rest of the fretboard is fine, although I would like to lower the action a bit more. If its a high fret what can I do about it? Like I said I dont want to take it to a shop.
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