I picked one of these up about a month ago because I got an excellent deal on it. It has seemed like a decent guitar so far, but after playing my friend's ibanez GAX70 it seems like my action is a bit high (his guitar was much easier to play). Would it be pretty easy to adjust the action on my guitar, or is there another reason why playing on his guitar was so much easier? I like the SG-310, but if I could make it easier to play on then I would be all for it.
lower action, smaller neck. and maybe he has thinner strings on it
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I have an SG-400 which I assume is pretty much the same as yours. I bought it a couple months ago and when I first got it I lowered the action a lot by lowering the bridge. The change was instantly noticable and made it much easier to play.
I'm going to try lowering the action tonight when I get home from work. I also need to make a trip to guitar center this week to see if some of the other guitars feel a little better. When I bought my guitar I got a great deal so I didn't really look around much. If the action adjustment doesn't help I might return the guitar and go with a lower end ibanez. Any more advice from epi sg-310 owners is still welcome!
Yeah, lowering the action is really easy and will make the guitar a bit easier to play.
I lowered the action last night and it seemed to help. I was considering a trade-in, but I think I'm just blaming the guitar for my slow learning. I'm going to stick with the 310 because it's really not a bad guitar, just a bit heavy.