i'm getting rid of a few things to raise funds for a dual rec., i would really prefer local sale/pickup cause shipping cabinets can be a pain and expensive, but anyway here is everything

Peavey Valveking 100watt tube head and matching 4x12 cabinet in VERY well condition, functions 100% perfectly includes powercord and footswitch and extra set of preamp tubes $600

Ashdown 4x12 cabinet in basically brand new condition, no flaws at all hardly ever even used $300 or obo

Boss ME-50 multiple effects board in 100% condition cosmetically and functionally, includes a universal adapter/power supply $200 or obo

Dunlop 535Q chrome wah, all is wrong is the battery latch on the bottom is broken functions 100% perfectly though & homemade pieced together guitar, input wire and ground wire need to be resoldered and the screws that hold the pick guard on are missing, i think i've only got like 2 or 3 in there, just enough to hold it on, but anyway $90 obo


if your interested in anything here pm me or give me a call (912) 596-0994, or e-mail pinhead1634@aol.com
i wasn't really planning on selling just the head by its self but if you are serious about buying it i will, as i said above the head f/switch and extra preamp tubes are all in perfect working condition so i'll let it go for $375 plus shipping whatever it may be
if anyone on here lives remotely close and is willing to come pickup the gear i will let everything go for $1000, let me know something i gotta make some sales pretty fast
yes 600 for the head and cabinet....it's a good deal, the head sells for 500+ the cabinet is about 400 and the f/switch is about 40 and preamp tubes are about 15 bucks a piece, so i think it's a pretty good deal, everything works just as good as a brand new one would....i just need to make some quick cash, let me know if you want to buy it.....as of right now it's still available so just let me know something later-
nobody's offers have been set in stone yet, everything is still available
alright to anyone that is serious about buying, i'll take 500 for the valveking halfstack but thats really low as i can go....if you want it speak up