I think the sound is going to be down to the amp. Post what amp you're using, and maybe someone can give you some guidance as to settings.

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well i have an yamaha amp but could you give me some suggestions as to which amp i should buy
We need an amp.

You're going to be fiddling with the EQ to get the sound mainly. Use the bridge pickup of your guitar, turn the tone all the way up too.
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
if possible, full volume
the overdrive comes from volume alone in angus young's case
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check ultimate amp settings thread in guitar gear & accesories.

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if possible, full volume
the overdrive comes from volume alone in angus young's case

full volume on a cheap ss amp would most probably make the sound worse
I turned up the mids on my V3 and i like the tone 100x better. Perfect sound for "If you want blood" - still one of my favorites.
The only way to get there exact sound is to have there exact gear, which I love ac/dc they are one o my favorite bands but im not concerned with getting that exactt sound.

But to get close your gonna need a decent tube amp, with some nice trebly pickups. Your gonna need to lower the gain, and crank the volume.
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