why do sooo many people hate nickelback these days? i can understand that they are going sort of mainstream and pop, but their old music was good. Curb, the state, featuring songs like leader of men, old enough, little friend..... they used to be good. so why do so many people hate them? they had their good times. now they are having a downer time, but they are not as bad as people exagerate them to be.
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i actually really like them, and really like their new stuff too.

i think a lot of people are close-minded about them

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I've always liked them. Most people just jumped onto the Nickelback-hating bandwagon.

For those who actually have valid reasons, I can at least respect their opinions.
i cannot stand nickleback, every single song sounds exactly the same, they really are the prototype for the modern day boring, mediocre modern rock, basically they're in a group with daughtry and hinder. Replace the singer with each one and everything sounds the same. Honestly, there is no band in my mind that I cannot stand more than them. And trust me i have an open mind.
Yeah, I agree, I think Nickelback is just flamed because they found success, and now-a-days, no one likes people who succeed. Something along those lines. Personally, I like their latest album. Animals is a fun song to drum to, If Everyone Cared is an awesome song to just relax and think to, and Follow You Home is cool too. People are sometimes lame.

I'm not saying old Nickelback isn't good (it's my fave from them), but still, new Nickelback isn't bad. It's a lot better than the crap coming from "music" now-a-days (you know, that emo s*it or w/e)
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Only four responses to a Nickelback hating thread? Oh, it was only posted today. Should take a few more hours before we get hundreds more responses.

For the record, I'm Canadian, so I have some kind of reason to like them. But I don't. They are boring and an earlier poster was right in saying they represent everything that is making modern rock music mediocre.

The Back are not cool.

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The reason people hate Nickelback is because they suck.
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The reason people hate Nickelback is because they suck.

The only reason they suck is because they can write a hit song and sell out arenas, and you can't.
I do agree with people saying they are boring, samey etc. but i wouldnt say they suck. I find alot of there songs very catchy and enjoy some of their (and Kroegers) music.

Yeah too many people jump on the bandwagon as posted earlier.
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The only reason they suck is because they can write a hit song and sell out arenas, and you can't.

No, the reason they suck is because their music isn't very good. The reason they sell out arenas is because there's a lot of people out there who like music that isn't very good.

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I've always liked them. Most people just jumped onto the Nickelback-hating bandwagon.

For those who actually have valid reasons, I can at least respect their opinions.

My reason being my opinion: I don't like their songs.

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I love their older stuff, but their latest CD is a made-for-radio album. While I love If Everyone Cared and was a fan of that song before they ever started playing it over and over and over on the radio, the rest of it basically sounds a lot the same. Plus it just fits into a formula for instant radio hit. Not much original to a lot of the new songs. Although, like I said, I do love their older stuff. The Long Road is my favorite album and I'm still a fan. But I feel like they've sold themselves out to the corporate bosses of the record studios to guarantee air time. Sacrificed quality for quantity, i.e. they wrote mediocre stuff that the radio stations would play more of their songs. I'll just stick to the old Nickelback albums though, and hope they come out with a new one in their old styles.
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If Everyone Cared is a great song and has one of the best videos I have ever seen
However, songs like Photograph annoy me a lot. The voice is too strained for my taste and it just seems ingenuine
I enjoyed them to an extent in their earlier days, but I can't get myself to like the music now. Not any mainstream issue, I'm no elitist =P A lot of it just sounds similar and strained.
It could be the fault of the singles, they could have more variety in the albums, but I've never wanted to find out. It's just not intriguing or appealing to me.
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They're boring, generic rock.
It's the same with creed and a bunch of other crappy bands out there.

I'm reporting this, because this'll turn into a flamefest.
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were they always country?

i dont think so. now everytime i hear a new single, it sounds like a country band. i didnt like them much before, now i really dont like them.
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