when playing blues
would any two note combo from say a minor pentatonic be cool

or are theyre more specific more dominant ones you target?
Particularly in the case of the minor pentatonic, a good combination is something like


I believe (with my limited theory knowledge) that double stop implies a 5 chord, which then resolves back to the root (if you're playing in A, obviously) at the end.
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3rds and 6ths are good
but in blues 4ths and 5ths sound really good if used right
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If it's blues don't hesitate to put bends in your double stops, eg:


Things like that always sound cool. In terms of intervals, the minor third usually works.

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You could also try something like sliding your doublestops. Here's an example:


That's in the key of A minor. Anyway, that's a really cool one to play over a minor progression. It works great on a song like Skynyrd's "That Smell" (which I pretty much stole the riff from, just adding a slide back and the last double stop at the 5th fret...).

Also try octaves for you double stops. They're a lot of fun as well, because you slide forward with them and create some really sweet sounds.
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