Alot of people fight about how Les pauls are better and so on and so forth. I play a Schecter S-1 Elite, And I don't really like Les Pauls, I try to like them and play them everytime I go to Guitar Center(which is atleast once every 2 months) And still I don't like the way they feel. I saw someone who said about Les Pauls: "If you can find a good one, their awesome." I went to Guitar Center and saw an Silverburst Epiphone Les Paul... I played it and loved it!!! So for all those who hate Les Pauls keep playing them and maybe you'll find one you like. I thought I'd never like them, I always play guitars I see artist play, in this case, Adam Jones. I love this guitar!!! Just thought I'd share.... See Ya!!

yea, i played the Gibson version of it, it has such a nice feel to it, one thing the gibson has an ebony fret board
I have an Agile AL 3000 that is really nice and it has an ebony fretboard, and I didn't pay Gibson price for it either.
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i totally agree with you on that. i have an epiphone les paul and i think that all the les pauls that i have played are different.

i remember when i played on a les paul in the guitar store one time and i hated it. i thought i would never want to get one and then i played mine (before i bought it) and i loved it. and then a couple months ago i went to guitar center and i played a gisbon les paul studio and it was horrible. but yeah i totally agree that you will eventually find one that you like.
so two or three weeks ago i went to guitar park where they have about 13-14 or so les pauls lined up. so obviously i picked the one that looked the nicest, a cool sunburst, sounded like crap. the next one sounded worse. the one after a little better, stil BAD. after trying almost all the les pauls in the shop i picked up one with a boring black paintjob and it played BEAUTIFULLY! gibson are just so inconsistent with the way they make their les pauls. some play horrifically but some are just amazing. i can never understand why.
Nothing like picking up a guitar and feeling like it was custom
made for you.
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