Okay so I've been playing bass for four years, but recently I've noticed a metallic noise when I put my fingers down to play the bridge of Becoming the Dragon by Trivium.
I've played fast songs since I picked up the bass, but for some reason I can't get the sound to stop.

I play the bridge like:
700800700800 on the B string which is about 120-130 bpm or faster (i don't have guitar pro or a metronome)

Any tips on how to get the noise to stop? It's only when I put my fingers down on the fret board for that point in the song.
I've been trying to get a more solid hold on the string when I put my fingers down, but I end up falling behind.
actions a bit too low? either that or you need a higher guage string as its too slack.
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actions a bit too low? either that or you need a higher guage string as its too slack.

I concur. It's being played on the B string, so the 'clacking' sound you're hearing pretty much can't be avoided. TS, I'm assuming it's not coming from your amp, unless your strings are brand new.
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No, it's not coming from my amp. I was thinking it was just because it was the B string and not any others.
Try and play it with a lighter touch. If you slow down, and play it calmly at half time, you'll perfect the way to play it without clacking.
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